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Car Dealer at 127 Ballymena Rd, Doagh, Ballyclare BT39 0RG, UK, Ballyclare, Northern Ireland, BT39 0RG . Here you will find detailed information about Rr Cars: address, phone, fax, opening hours, customer reviews, photos, directions and more.


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Northern Ireland
127 Ballymena Rd, Doagh, Ballyclare BT39 0RG, UK, Ballyclare, Northern Ireland, BT39 0RG
BT39 0RG

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About Rr Cars

Rr Cars is a UK Car Dealer based in Ballyclare, Northern Ireland. Rr Cars is located at 127 Ballymena Rd, Doagh, Ballyclare BT39 0RG, UK,

Please contact Rr Cars using information below: Address, Phone number, Fax, Postal code, Website address, E-mail, Facebook. Find Rr Cars opening hours and driving directions or map. Find real customer reviews and ratings or write your own review.

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Reviews of Rr Cars

    Added 2016.08.15
    Many of his vehicles come from a local trade auction firm (Agnew* trade actions), who sell vehicles that have been mainly PX in the trade, so he does not know their History.
    Added 2016.08.12
    Rodney was very helpful highly recommended
  • ADAM
    Added 2016.07.27
    I also rejected the vehicle under the sale of goods act 1975 in December 2015.
    Added 2016.07.14
    After some time Mr Rodney Rainey agreed to a refund of £1788 in full and final settlement of the chargeback claims and I would retain the vehicle having it repaired. The chargebacks were closed on this basis.
    Added 2016.04.06
    Indeed he will try to blame YOU the buyer to deflect attention away from his business failures (which appear to many) and then refuses to do what he says he would.
    Added 2016.04.05
    Let me finish on this note. If I were asked would I buy another car from Rodney, the answer has to be honestly yes no problem.
    Added 2016.02.29
    He told me the brakes were recently done. Anyway I had to take my car to a main dealer for an unrelated problem and they carried out (in their words) "a full health check". They found the front and rear brake pads needed replacing stating that the pads were between 80 - 90% wore out. Now I know brake pads wear out but at this stage only 4 weeks had passed since I bought the car with less than 300 miles put on the clock. I knew by looking at the car the brakes hadn't been recently changed but I wasn't expecting that amount of wear.
    Added 2016.02.24
    if you have anything wrong, you will get nothing after the sale is completed from the dealer, Mr Rodney Rainey.
    Added 2016.02.01
    His personality can be a bit rough but I got the impression he was just tired of sill pickers and tyre kickers. It's nothing I haven't come across before so it was easy enough to ignore. On the plus side. He came out to find me when I couldn't find him. And his wife and son are seriously nice people. I'm my experience the saying the apple never falls far from the tree is true. And it's my opinion if Rodney was a full time assh**e the son would have shown some traits of it but the fact is the son was a perfect gentleman.
    Added 2016.01.13
    Your silence is not golden Mr Rodney Rainey. Clearly you have no defence, here on Facebook you could defend yourself, but your silence is deafening, hence, this is now pending Court action.
    Added 2015.11.02
    Overall I am happy with RR cars but I have only given 4 stars because of a a false piece of service information that Rodney gave me.
    Added 2015.10.17
    After having the car serviced, it was found to have badly worn rear discs & Pads, screwed bushes for the front sub frame & Torque arm, A rotten Rear exhaust box, just to name a few, but costing many Hundreds of pounds to fix.
    Added 2015.05.06
    The facts are very different, (Now costs exceed £8K, forged Service History & incomplete MOT).
  • JACK
    Added 2015.02.23
    On informing Mr Rodney Rainey, he dismissed the faults as nothing more than another dealer trying to undermine his word (his words "someone's trying to take your trousers down!!"), Even though I had seen the faults for myself, having been under the vehicle whilst it was on the ramp.
    Added 2014.12.04
    It was noticed the from O/S/F wing was out of alignment with the front O/S/F door. Before any contact was made with Mr Rodney Rainey, photographs of the vehicle was checked. The damage was found to be there before Mr Rodney Rainey delivered the vehicle, but was not found there in earlier pictures (references dated October 2009 & September 2015).
    Added 2014.10.03
    Mr Rodney Rainey of RR cars is untruthful, dishonest & will try to blame you.
    Added 2014.09.17
    I bought a car from Rodney but I didn't read the reviews on here until after I bought the car.
  • ADAM
    Added 2014.06.14
    When contacting Mr Rodney Rainey he failed to respond at all, clearly now trying to ignore any problems under the warranty he wrote and included with the vehicle.
    Added 2014.06.02
    Instead, the amicable persona of Mr Rodney Rainey changes to an aggressive, insulting and dismissive character, even making paranoia based remarks about you.
  • LUCA
    Added 2014.05.19
    Buy from Mr Rodney Rainey t/a RR Cars (Rr cars) at your peril. Do not expect any assistance, his word & warranty simply mean nothing.
    Added 2014.05.08
    Also, he adds false details to service document books, so check any for additions....
    Added 2014.04.19
    Mr Rodney Rainey has proven beyond doubt he is a man without scruples & who cannot be trusted to Honour his written & verbal word.
    Added 2014.03.06
    *Agnew, By coincidence, also happen to be the service Co, stamping the vehicle's service book!!...On that basis I have to question their integrity. As a SAAB Main dealer, were they doing the work needed.........It appears NOT, as they were happy to stamp the service book showing a 'full service', when they had only carried out an interim service'.......
    Added 2014.01.27
    Also no service book with the car. Just a printed of sheet of A4 paper with the supposed history.
    Added 2014.01.21
    He then ignored communication completely.
    Added 2014.01.04
    Mr Rodney Rainey then suddenly responded in a very Heated manner by phone and was in complete denial. The telephone conversation was terminated when I informed him to respond in writing.
    Added 2013.12.29
    Thankfully I had paid for the vehicle with my Visa Debit card, and my bank agreed to implement a chargeback for the purchase price, stating ‘not as described & fraudulently supplying faulty goods’.
    Added 2013.11.11
    I bought a vehicle in September 2015, for over £5,700 supposedly with manufacturers full & complete service history, 2 owners & recent MOT with supposedly no advisories, and in A1 Condition.
    Added 2013.11.02
    If you want to buy a vehicle from a dealer stay very clear of this one.
    Added 2013.10.05
    After the chargeback, no refund was received from Mr Rodney Rainey T/A RR cars, who then proceeded to claim the vehicle’s O/S/F body misalignment had left the Manufacturer when new, and in that condition, clearly ignoring the photographic evidence stated above.
    Added 2013.09.15
    I know I'm nit picking. I am happy with the car and of course you can't expect a second hand car dealer to be totally honest.
    Added 2013.05.27
    Then came the 2nd shock, whilst the vehicle was being re-tracked on a four wheel alignment rig.
    Added 2013.04.30
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